Pazzaluna to Close

Pazzaluna Urban Italian Restaurant and Bar will indefinitely close as of May 31, 2020, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our family has immense gratitude for all that have provided ‘authentic hospitality and gathered around the tables at Pazzaluna,” said Elizabeth Brown, co-owner of Morrissey Hospitality. “Together with my family and siblings – Arthur and Chris Morrissey, we thank our people and our guests for the loyalty and support over the past 21 years. We realize the Pazzaluna community is beyond its four walls, and we look forward to that bright day when we serve you once more.”

When Pazzaluna served its first guest in 1998, it created a new urban Italian dining experience in the Twin Cities. With that legacy and an eye on the future, Morrissey Hospitality is reimagining possibilities for the location and investigating new opportunities for the Pazzaluna brand in other markets.

We have already started work on multiple possibilities at 360 St. Peter Street, so make sure that you subscribe to our Pazzaluna email list to stay up to date on future developments and happenings for our St. Paul Location, Pazzaluna, and other Morrissey Hospitality managed brands.

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