St. Paul Saint's New Ballpark

Morrissey Hospitality Companies and our family of brands support the St. Paul Saints in their goal of building a new ballpark. 

Community baseball has been important to thousands of Minnesota fans and families for generations. For almost 30 years, St. Paul’s Midway Stadium has been a part of this tradition, hosting events from St. Paul Saints games to Minnesota State High School League championships, NCAA baseball, American Legion baseball, Minnesota Town Ball, and even football and soccer matches. The stadium also has hosted concerts by the likes of musical legends Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and R.E.M., but Minnesota’s love of community baseball and community events has exceeded Midway Stadium’s capacity and viability.

Now there is a new plan and a new vision for community baseball in Minnesota that will provide a home for this baseball – St. Paul baseball – for generations. Picture a majestic new ballpark in St. Paul’s Lowertown that will enhance and continue St. Paul’s storied baseball tradition that calls Dave Winfield, Jack Morris, and Joe Mauer among its sons. Together we can create this home for the St. Paul Saints and other teams and players who share Midway Stadium.

Lowertown is a distinct and lively neighborhood in St. Paul. It easily shares its history with the new energy, investments and excitement that are revitalizing the neighborhood. Lowertown is home to the soon-to-be-renovated Union Depot (the projected final stop for the new Central Corridor light-rail line), a renowned farmer’s market, and a growing list of new bars, restaurants, condos and businesses. A community ballpark nestled into this vibrant neighborhood will build on Lowertown’s vitality and create a stronger future for baseball in St. Paul.

A new ballpark in St. Paul will bring:

  • A chance to host national college and Legion baseball tournaments and other events
  • An added attraction in an area that the Star Tribune calls “the Cities’ coolest place to hang this summer
  • Major new investments as Lowertown continues to attract business prospects around the ballpark site, including the terminus of the Central Corridor light-rail line, the largest single infrastructure investment in Minnesota’s history
  • Construction jobs to build the ballpark and more permanent jobs in the neighborhood
  • The same St. Paul Saints affordable family fun, but in a place designed for the best fan experience

Dollars and Cents

The Lowertown ballpark is anticipated to cost $45 million. The St. Paul Saints and the City of St. Paul are putting forth more than $22 million – half of the entire cost. In order to make the ballpark a reality, we need the State Legislature to approve bonding money for the remaining portion of the cost.

Learn more about bonding money here.

Concept Drawings

The Lowertown ballpark would replace the Diamond Products/Gillette concrete structure with much-needed green space. The ballpark would be open-air and, of course, on grass.

The ballpark would create the final connection between the Morgan, Bruce Vento, and Gateway trails and other downtown bike and pedestrian connections. This goes hand in hand with a commitment by the St. Paul Saints and the City of St. Paul to make the new facility one of the nation’s greenest ballparks. It would also reflect the historic and artistic character of the neighborhood, displaying local artists’ work and drawing on the neighborhood’s artistic flair. Well-known as the heart of St. Paul’s creative arts endeavors, Lowertown would provide the ballpark with an even stronger hometown feeling. Another exciting element would be the new ballpark’s connections to light-rail, high-speed rail, and commuter transit that would make it easy for people to attend games.

These images show how the plan comes together and why Lowertown is the right place to build a new home for community baseball.